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Voltage stabilizer:CWY(CVT)series high-availability anti-interference constant voltage transformer [Clicked:223] 
General (CWY(CVT)series high-availability anti-interference constant voltage transformer)
      With features of isolation, anti-interference, little waveform distortion, wide range of voltage stabilization,automatic
protection against short circuit, rapid response, long life, etc, CWY(CVT) series high- availability anti  -interference
constant voltage transformer is a safe and reliable product provided for precious and precise equipment.
Application (CWY(CVT)series high-availability anti-interference constant voltage transformer)
      For computer, test equipment, lighting system, safety alarming system,communication system, medical equipment,
duplicator,  family cinema equipment,  industry automatic equipment,  numeral control machine tool,  photographic
processing equipment, office equipment, etc.
Performance (CWY(CVT)series high-availability anti-interference constant voltage transformer)
lnput voltage Single-phase 120V-300V Output voltage 220V.accuracy±7%
lnput voltage Single-phase-160V-264V Output voltage 220V.accuracy±7%
lnput voltage Single-phase 176V-264V Output voltage 220V.accuracy±7%
lnput voltage three-phase 208-520V Output voltage 380V.accuracy2%~7%
lnput voltage three-phase 266V-494V Output voltage 380V.accuracy±2%
lnput voltage Three-phase 304V-456V Output voltage 380V.accuracy±1%
Frequency 50Hz±1Hz Response time (jump of output± voltage110V) ≤30ms
Waveform distoriton ≤3% Noise <60dB(distance:1m)
Effciency 80%(full load) it has short-circuit automatic protection,the output voltage steps down to zero when the load shows short circuit,however,when output short circuit takes 5min,it is not allowed to work continuously
Output voltage 220V.accuracy 2%-7%
Model and spec (CWY(CVT)series high-availability anti-interference constant voltage transformer)
Spec.(KVA) Product size D×W×H(cm) Weight(kg) Spec.(KVA) Product size D×W×H(cm) WeightIkg)
Single-phase CWY-0.3 37×17×20 21 Three-phase CWY-1.5 57×27×43 80
CWY-0.5 33×27×29 27 CWY-3 70×29×47 195
CWY-1 45×25×45 40 CWY-6 77×49×40 330
CWY-2 49×25×45 60 CWY-9 89×49×45 580
CWY-3 60×32×77 90 CWY-15 89×56×51 650
CWY-5 60×32×47 120 CWY-20 106×64×56 900
CWY-10 86×67×117 330 CWY-30 106×64×56 1250
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